Few words about us

Company "Betasped" was founded in 1992 and is among the first created private forwarding companies in Macedonia. We are proud of our long year continuous and successful work. Main activities of the company are operations in the international forwarding, as well as customs clearance of goods for export, import or re-export, local and international transport of goods and storage in customs bonded warehouse.


- Transport in any part of Europe and the World: by truck , by plane, with containers, by railroad, collective transport, etc.;
- Custom clearance of goods in Customs office Skopje 1, Customs office Skopje 2, Customs office Skopje 3, Customs office Airport, Customs office Skopje 4, Customs office Post, Customs office Blace,
- Storage in public customs bonded warehouses,
- Warehouse storage,
- Supplying of phito-sanitary licences for import-export,
- Preparing of all documents needed for import or export of goods,
- Logistic support concerning the procedures for regular , temporary import or export , re - export, supplying of resolutions and agreements from the concerned ministry or any other institution responsible for regulation of right for export or import.

We accomplish clients requests for transport to desired destination in the world acording to Incoterms rules https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms of Internaional Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Our clients get precise information about eventual changes in positive law regulations concerning the transport of goods, export and import which allows them to complete their production-trade work with out problems. Logistic support provided by Betasped fulfill the demands and needs of our clients, it is always precise and on time. Clients using our services are always satisfied by our service and shipments always reach their destinations.

Following the trends in this business, as well as the trade globalization, we expanded our activities, and in nowadays we work as international agent capable and prepared to supply complete package of logistical services.

We are always acquainted with the eventually law regulation changes, we implement them on time and our clients are updated on time.

When You plan any import or export from Macedonia, don't forget to consult with us. We will inform you about all the procedures concerning Your transport and the optimal variant for it's fulfilling.

Our firms policy is to take care and stand for every client of ours, and all their transports and projects are equally important for us. Our clients are our partners because we are convinced that sucsefull work and increasing of production and trade with it is directly influencing the size of the work. Basing our work on long year cooperation is always resulting with maximum efficiency in work, which makes it hard for our clients to give up our services..

Logistics is characterized with persistent and quick changes ,which means that it's of prime importance that your chosen agent is flexible and economically effective, and at the same time keeping high standards of services. Betasped is separated from the typical frame of services that are offered by standard forwarders. Today's sophisticated and complex projects of uor clients , have simply forced us to be always step ahead and to explore for innovative possibilities in how to rationalize clients time and their money.

Our responsibility is not just to provide transport and delivery of the goods, but also to ensure the most economical routes and services.. It is understandable that we could not provide all that on our own. We carefully pick our agents through-out the world, with purpose to satisfy our customers expectations and to offer them standard level of services at the starting point as well as in the place of arrival.

In 2011 we have moved in our new logistic center in industrial zone Ilinden. 2.600 m2 customs bonded warehouse, 1.800 m2 offices,  12.000 m2 parking space for local customs clearance.

New come challenges are welcome to us, they give us opportunities to demonstrate our capacities and skill.


Details about Betasped


ADRESS:  Industrial Zone Ilinden, st.36  nr.1   1041- Skopje MACEDONIA

OFFICE:  Industrial Zone Ilinden, st.36 nr.1   1041- Skopje MACEDONIA


INITIAL STATUS:  Among first private forwarding companies in Macedonia

FOUNDERS:  Mr. Arsenija Vasilevski and Mr. Vladimir Vasilevski

C.E.O.:  Mr. Vladimir Vasilevski

C.O.O:  Mr. Dasic Nikola

OFFICES:  Industrial Zone Ilinden, highway Skopje - Kumanovo,1041Skopje, MACEDONIA

BANK:  HalkBank, Pro Credit Bank 

VAT NUMBER:  MK 4030992190621


PHONE / FAX:  +389 (0) 2 3173 - 717; +389 (0) 2 3173 - 715; +389 (0) 2 3175 - 652

E-MAIL:  [email protected]

Certificates and Awards
World Bank 2020
World Customs Organization - for exceptional service to the International Customs community
World Bank 2019
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 45001
The Global Indicators Group 2021
World Bank Group 2021
OEO Approval
Transport License International
Certificate World Bank 2017
Certificate World Bank 2016
Certificate World Bank 2015
Certificate World Bank 2014
Certificate World Bank 2013
Certificate World Bank 2012
License Betasped Custom 104
Certificate World Bank 2011
Certificate World Bank 2010
Certificate World Bank 2009
Certificate World Bank 2008
Certificate World Bank 2007
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Industrial Zone "Ilinden" st.36 number.1, p.o.box 4
1041, Skopje, Macedonia
Corresponding Banks:
Halkbank / 270051471660168
Pro Credit Bank / 380156895602111
Vat number
MK 4030992190621
+389 (0) 2 3173 – 717
+389 (0) 2 3173 – 715
+389 (0) 2 3175 – 652