Inco Terms

The most significant international commercial terms in the commercial business, in accordance with International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Used in international commercial transactions.



About Macedonia

Macedonia, with the excellent location, is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe, in the heart of the Balkan. Area: 25,713 km2, population: 2.015.000 inhabitants.

Macedonia, with its strategic position, is situated in SouthEastern Europe and the centar of the Balcan. 25.713 km2 and population of 2.015.000 inhabitants. Macedonia is divided up into regions which are Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia, West Macedonia. The capital city is Skopje. Lots of forests, lakes and agricultural fields. Longest river is Vardar, with 388 km. long, where as 301 km. are in Macedonia. Lakes are also national beauty of the country. In summer, Ohrid lake, Prespa lake and Dojran lake atract a huge number of visitors. Not only in summer, but this little country will make your winter stay a wonderful experience. Pelister, Sar Planina, Mavrovo and Bistra will be places You should be looking for in winter. Highly ranked hotels, ski tracks and more, would be a real chalenge for every ski enthusiast.



Macedonia is a treasury of cultural wealth. The Slavonic alphabet was born in Macedonia, where the Macedonian educators Cyril and Methody, and Clement and Naum played an important part in the spread of Christianity. Macedonian builders and mosaic masters shone like a bright star in the dark period of European culture prior to the Renaissance.

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Terms in transport

Terms that are necessary for the smooth running and development of international trade. Their using and knowledge, significantly reduces the possibility of misunderstandings..

Ad Valorem - According to Value - Expences are according to value.
AI - All Inclusive Rates.
Airline - Air transporter.
AWB - Air Waybill.
Awkward Cargo - Cargo with nonstandard dimensions. For transport of nonstandard cargo transporter must have licence from outhorities.
BAF - Bunker Adjustment Factor - Extra expences for transport because petyrol prices are higher.
BSC - Bunker Surcharge - Extra expences for transport because petyrol prices are higher.
BB - Break Bulk - This term is used for merchandises which doesn't full all container.
B/L - Bill of Lading - Agreement between exporter and sea transporter.
Booking - Rezervation of space for transporting merchandises in vehicle.
Bonded Warehouse - Warehouse under customs outhorities.
Box - Another term for container.
Brokerage - Services from wforwarding agent.
Bulk Freight - Merchendises are unpacked.
CBM - Qubic Metar.
C/O - Certificate of Origin.
CFS - Container Freight Station.
CFR - Cost and Freight.
Charges Collect - Buyer of merchandises is paying expences for transport.
Charges Prepaid - Sender of merchandises is paying expences for transport.
CHB - Custom House Broker.
CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight.
CIP - Carriage and Insurance paid to.
COD - Collect /Cash/ on Delivery.
COFC - Container on Flat Car.
CPT - Carriage Paid to.
Connecting Carrier - Local transporter of container to ship «feeder service».
Consignee - Reciever of merchandises.
Consolidator - Transporter who collect merchandises to one destination point.
Container - Container for transportin merchandises. Most used are 20"and 40".
Containership - Ship who transports container.
Cut-Off - Last day for loading merchandise on vehicle/ship.

DAF - Delivered at Frontier.
DES - Delivered ex Ship.
DEQ - Delivered ex Quay.
DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid.
DDP - Delivered Duty Paid.Demurrage - Penalty for exporter for breaking terms of delivery.
Devanning - Unloading merchandises from container.
Door to Door - Delivering merchandises from door to door.
Duty - Customs fee.
EXW - Ex Works.
FAS - Free Alongside Ship.
FCA - Free Carrier.
FCL - Full Container Load.
FFU - Forty Foot equivalent Unit.
FF - Freight Forwarder.
FOB - Free on Board.
Free Time - Handlig merchandises in warehouse without paying.
GRI - General Rising of Interest.
Gross Weight - Weight of merchandises including ambalage.
HM - Harmless Merchadises.
Intermodal - Multimodal transport sea/road/air.
LCL - Less than Container Load, grouping several deliveries.
L/C - Letter of Credit.
M/T - Metric Tone.
Manifest - Document where merchandises are specified by delivery.
Net Weight - Weight of merchandises.
Nou Negotiable B/L - Copy B/L not valid for bank purposes.
OBL - Original Bill of Lading.
POD - Proof of Delivery.
TEU - Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit 20" container.
W/M - Weight or Measure - (air 1 m³ = 167 kg , road 1 m³ = 330 kg, sea 1 m³ = 1000 kg).
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