Road transport

Road transport is very important condition for sucesfull business for every industrial sector, specialy for those sectors which their products and row materials are transported with trucks. That is the reason why every company with such need of transport must have serious forwarding agent that will be able to fulfill all requests in transport.

In field of transport Betasped have potentials for answering to all requests. We will answer to your request despite destination points and size or type of loads. Approval for our sucess in field of transport are all transports made by Betasped. We are offering compatible prices with exelent logistic services for all destinations to - from Macedonia and region. That's the reason for big number of our partners and clients in truck transport. All merchandises we are transporting, are insured with policy for International Liability Insurance of the transporter according CMR Convention from Stock Company for Insurance and Reinsurance 'QBE Makedonija', but also we can reinsure it on your request AAR.

We own licences for transport of merchadises for third countries. We can organize transport for every destination in Europe from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Monenegro, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Holland. No mather of quanity, full truck or groupage transport, Betasped will answer to your request.

Road Infrastructure:
  • Road Network - Total Length: 14.182 Km
  • Motorway: 911 Km
  • Regional Roads: 3.771 Km
  • Local Roads: 9.258 Km
  • Length Of Motorway: 242 Km
  • Length Of International "E" Roads: 585 Km
Railway transport

Betasped organize railway transport for our clients, for all type of merchandises from and for Macedonia. We are doing railway customs clearance in CI Trubarevo Skopje. If you want to get information for railway transportation costs you must give us following informations: type of merchandises, customs tariff number, station of loading and unloading, route of transport.

Railway network of Macedonian Railways has 925 km. All network is with single track and from all network 233 km are electrified. Main line is coridor North - South. Other lines are only local branches with no conection to foreign railway networks.

Tabanovce - Gevgelija via Skopje and Veles is main track which prolongs to Belgrade, Budapest / Zagreb, Ljubljana in north and Thessaloniki, Athens in Sourth. This railroad was first constructed in Macedonia. It was built in 1873 to conect Thessaloniki and Skopje. Later this railroad was extended in north and other directions. Max. allowed speed in north is 110/130 km/h and in south of Macedonia is 100 km/h. In some parts it's 65/70 because of the configuration of terrain.

Gjorce Petrov - Kicevo via Tetovo and Gostivar was built 1952-69 and it ends in western Macedonia, some 60 km from Albanian border but between Macedonian and Albanian network there is rough terrain. This link in west Macedonia is with good characteristics.

Skopje - Blace - Pristina is link to north in Kosovo - Serbia and its conected with UNMIK and Serbian network.

Veles - Bitola - Medzitlija - Florina in south is link with Greek Railway network. This link was built in 1939. This line is with low standard.

Kumanovo - Beljakovce (building in progress) - Bulgarian border to the east.

Railway stations for loading merchandises are Gevgelija,. Negotino Vardar, Miravci, Gradsko, Veles, Bitola, Prilep, Stip, Kocani, Ovce Pole, Kumanovo, Miladinovci, Skopje, Skopje Tovarna, Skopje South, Volkovo, Madzari, Jegunovce, Tetovo, Gostivar, Kicevo 

Railway infrastructure:
  • railways - length : 925 km
  • industrial tracks : 102 km
  • width of railway track : 1,435 mm
  • open electrified railways length : 233 km
  • electrified station tracks - length : 83 km
  • railway stations - number : 117
Air transport

In Macedonia main airport for import and export of merchandises is Skopje Airport. Smaller part of export and import is done in Ohrid Airport. This airport is mainly for turist traffic who are visiting Ohrid city and lake.

Betasped for our clients is organising transport from - to the airport, customs clearance, documentation and transport to destination point. Air transport from our clients mainly is used for small and urgent shipments, but it may however, be appropriate for large shipments travelling from destinations with very poor road network or without service by sea ports cuch as central Rusia and China.

If you have shipment which you want to be send by air transport, just call us and everything else will be our responsibility.

Volumetric weight of a shipment is calculation that reflects the compactness of the package. A less compact object generally takes up more volume than space, compared with his actual weight. Volumetric and dimensional weight is calculated also compared with the actual weight on each parcel in the shipment to determine which is larger; more weight is used to calculate the total shipping cost of the shipment.




- Use the calculator to determine the volumetric weight of the shipments.
- List of land codes, listed according to ISO 3166 coding system.
- Specification for capacity of the containers.
- Link for Airlines, their codes and prefixes as well as airports codes , airports names and location in which country is the airport -

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